My buddy Paris just had a baby boy.

I was going to do the Converse thing again, but then I found this place online that will print skate decks from your graphics. I was so stoked to try it, but I didn't want to waste it. I started concepting ideas for a cool baby gift for Bryce. I came up with a bunch of stuff. I comped a few out to see how they would compete with each other for the winning pick... and I couldn't decide. So I said fuck it, print two. The yellow deck was more 'baby's room' colors and the cartoon pigeons make it a little 'cute'. The other one I feel like could make it to the college years and still be cool enough to hang on the wall next to the Marley poster. We'll see how they do. Some of the leftovers below include a month by month highlight reel from 2008 which puts Bryce's name right up there with Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and the S.A.T.C. Movie.

My buddy Keyung just had a baby boy.

His name is Kyu Won - pronounced Q 1 - which I think is pretty cool. I bought him some All-Stars and I wanted to do something with them but I didn't have any plan. I started looking around and found that I had some peel-and-stick letters in gold, silver and black. So I did a custom 'Louis V' kinda thing with his name / logo / tag. I was really stoked on them. I think it's gonna be my new thing for friends who are having babies... hook up the custom jammies with a sick little box. I wrapped the inside of the box with red felt, wrote his name on the label and signed them. I got the idea for the shoes from my friend Michael Ash - good look.