I made this ater the whole Jordan Crawford dunk tape scandal went down. I posted it on zazzle.com as a t-shirt. Of course they took it down because I had a Nike swoosh on it, I was just testing the system. I lost interest by the end of the day and forgot about it. Ten days later, I was reminded by TMZ's release of 'the tape' and decided to search for my shirt. Turns out a bunch of people liked it. I reposted it (sans trademarks) and now I am rich.

I went on this NBC show Called the Chopping Block - which was canceled after 3 episodes - and helped them create a few logos for the different 'teams' of cooks - all on camera, by the way. I came once and did one logo. I came back a week later and did 2 more. At this point I was cool with the producers and I asked to come back to the 'final dinner.' In the end, all my scenes were cut - save a little bit in the finale where I was talking to one of the chefs. Overall, the logo's were crap but it was cool to see how reality works.