I got a some love for this one from Thomas Allen himself... and someone else who called me 'David Copeland'.

We also made a little lobby loop that ran with Mark Girand's daughter as the narrator/illustrator /// HERE

The Chris Wallstreet Journal Superbowl Blog Party

"You're invited to join Chris Wall and crew at his (home key) as they watch and blog about this years superbowl ads. Cheerfully cynical people (+ key) the Iowa caucus of advertising (* key) laptops (= key) blog party. It's gonna be ('volume up' key). There'll be plenty of (spacebar) as well as food and drink. So (help key) make this superbowl super. (clear key) your schedules Feb. 3rd. (enter key) around 5pm (escape key) about 11pm".

I popped and scanned each key by hand.

They used it on the Ogilvy homepage to drive clicks to the WSJ.

Year #2

Limited time/budget...

New York Magazine Cover I was going for a Pee-Wee Herman reference and I think I may have been off base with my target audience. This was my crack at the cover of New York Magazine after the whole Elliot Spitzer deal went down. They asked Oglvy to help them on a short notice. I had about 10 hours to throw something at them. Come to find out, the winning piece came from Barbra Krueger! So cool that I was working on the same brief as she was. She's awesome. Not only that, come to find out Spitzers girl lived on the other end of my block! (see photo)

Hope, Faith & Videotape Instalation // presidential campaign ads + quotes leading up to election day.
// shot by Dennis Manarchy. // the tiny border copy was about people who live on the 'edge' of society.