The Kodak Smilemaker // Download App // Promo // Smile Fight // Click to see the animation we made that ran in the video screen. // Click to see the animation we made that ran in the video screen. ? The idea was for the new Kodak inkjet printers. To show how little ink they use a man will live on a billboard with only a Kodak digital camera, a Kodak injet printer, paper, ink, and a ladder. He shoots a good wide angle shot from up on the billboard and spends the rest of the time printing 8 1/2 X 11" pieces of the image until it is complete. The number of ink cartridges used will be displayed like a K count in baseball - flipping over as they are used. A good idea that'll never happen. I suppose everyone has their first turd-bomb they get handed as a jr. These were some of the first things I got to work on when I started my job. They were almost totally client dictated, took about 2 months of back and forth revisions and then died. What a waste of time. And I felt like Aunt Julie's apple strudel was a solid line...
I had to make storyboards to show these new Kodak digital frames in action, only problem is that they didn't actually exist yet... as far as I could tell. Either that or they were so top secret that they couldn't leave the building. "It's a touch screen," they say. OK, like... how? "Well not the screen, just the border, actually..." OK, so the black part around the frame is what you touch to work it, cool... "No, not the black part, the grey part." Isn't that kinda like the screen? "It's the border of the screen." Can't you just send me one to look at and learn about, this would make it much easier on all of us? "No, I've never even seen one." Cool. Thanks Kodak.

P Series: More of the same... only this is the cheaper version of the same thing. This one doesn't animate the same way because this frame doesn't have video capabilities. Both of these are to be the 'demo mode' that comes on every frame from production... kinda cool, I guess.
tons of this crap... you have no idea. // do-it-yourself pop-up cards, now available in four generic pan-holiday flavors!! ? This was part of a larger campaign revolving around the Olympics. Basically the idea was to have your Xbox pull your photos off a USB and display them in crowds in sports games like Madden NFL.